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Research & Development
Fauns strives to push the boundaries of its media; this is why we dedicate some of our resources to research and development, to further improve the way we do things, and come up with innovative storytelling and production tools. As all of the core team is made of senior artists who are experienced in both real-time and pre-rendered, we have groundbreaking ideas aplenty!

Production Pipeline

Fauns develops an internal innovative workflow tool to smoothen the full production pipeline. This tool is comprised of a project management software and a set of software plugins for the whole array of digital content creation applications we use. As well as giving visibility on the project for all those involved, it handles file-naming, software-setting, smoothens delivery. That way the artists can focus on their tasks worry-free and without a throng of error-generating micro-tasks.

Virtual Reality

We also develop new tools for VR. For instance, we’ve been developing a tool which aims to shorten VR scene composition by integrating settings modifications right inside our scenes. This means we are able to change particle and lighting settings dynamically within the VR experience. Instead of stepping in and out of the headset, we stay cozy in our VR world and it all amounts to reducing building and iteration time. Saving time in this aspect allows for more polish, content and production value in the end! And it makes everyone happier by removing tedious tasks.

Comics generation tool

Our love for comic books spurred the idea that paperback issues and webcomics had their differences in terms of storytelling and composition, but that they could be reconciled. We started working on a comic generation tool which will help creators, enabling them to work on the print and digital version of their comics at the same time. This tool adapts to its medium and is respectful of narrative design and storytelling. (We do this because we know for sure that people have amazing stories to tell!)